Chameleon Ink refills technique: Floating ink marbling!

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Did you know that you can use the Chameleon Ink refills to a lot more than just refilling your pens?

Here's one of the MANY uses you can give it to create incredible backgrounds or art pieces on their own...


Choose your favourite Chameleon inks colors... 2 or 3 can will be more than enough to create incredible art pieces!


Put water in a large container, bigger than the paper you want to marble, I used my larger baking dish, just 2-3cm high will do.


Use the seringe that comes with the Chameleon ink refills to carefully pour some random drops of inks on the water, alternating the different colours.

As you know, alcohol inks and water will not mix, and the alcohol ink will float!


Play around with the colors on the surface using a toothpick until you like the composition.


Carefully place your sheet of paper onto that surface. Lightly rub your finger all over the paper to help the ink stick to it, and lift!

STEP 6: Let it dry and enjoy!

You can protect your work spraying an acrylic varnish on top once it's fully dry, or even do so with cheap hairspray! That will be enough to prevent the ink from smudging if you do some lettering on top with alcohol ink pens :)

If you try this technique please tag me with #carolinaghelfiinspo so I can see it and comment ♥

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Look forward to your comments below and to see you results! :)

Have an amazing day ♥


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